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Imagine hopping on to a helicopter and catching beautiful aerial glimpses of Kathmandu Valley from the comfort of the helicopter or fly to Everest region to see the stunning Himalayan peaks without having to trek.  Yes, Nepal Heli Tour is just that. It gives you comfort, class and exclusive ticket to see some of the most amazing landmarks Nepal has to offers. Heli Tours is the easiest, fastest and most rewarding way to know Nepal up close and personal. Whether you would like to visit Muktinath, Lumbini or Everest, you can choose from a range of Heli Tours programs. 

Jump aboard on the helicopter and you will be taken on a lifetime experience of appreciating the surprising landscape of temples, villages, rivers, hills, valleys and palaces. Savior this impressive juxtaposition of milieu in the shortest possible time and devoid of any traffic hassles. 

Heli tours are suitable for all age groups of travelers and can be conducted throughout the year.  As we fly higher, we will also have the unique opportunity to see the Himalayas in all its grandeur. The flight duration will last from 30 minutes to 2 hrs and each flight consist of a minimum of five passengers. Our guide will be on board to guide you through the amazing panorama. Everest Heli Tour, Muktinath Heli Tour, Kathmandu Valley Heli Tourare some of the heli tour programs we offer. 

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