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Nava Raj Dahal

Managing Director
Starting his career as an accountant in a trekking company in 1990, Mr. Nava Raj Dahal has risen from the grass root level to that of Managing Director of his own company. Born in Dhading district of Nepal, he shifted to Kathmandu after the completion of school education. He holds Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Tribhuvan University. He has extensively traveled in countries like Thailand, Singapore, India, China (Tibet), Bhutan, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and USA. This has enabled him to extend business associations overseas and has also kept him abreast with the innovative ways of improving tourism.

Being an ardent supporter of eco-tourism in Nepal, he aims to help protect and preserve this beautiful environment for future generations of trekkers to enjoy. It is his diligence, creative thinking and uncompromising work ethics that have earned him respect from his business fraternity as well as the clients.

Mr. Dahal is Immediate Past President of TAAN (Trekking Agencies' Association Of Nepal) and had previously served the association as General Secretary and also as an Executive Members. As the General Secretary of TAAN he worked in coordination with other associations to promote national tourism in Nepal. At present he is also a vice-chairman of National Tourism Federation Nepal.

Since May 2013, Mr. Dahal has been serving as Honorary Consul Of The Republic Of Estonia In Nepal following his appointment by the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Estonia and approval from the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. In this new capacity, Mr. Dahal is committed towards promoting and facilitating bilateral relations of trade, business and friendships between Estonia and Nepal.

Other Current Designations of Mr. Nava Raj Dahal

  • Vice President of Nepal National Tourism Entrepreneurs’ Federation
  • President of Nepal Tourism Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Mahesh Chaulagain

Correspondence Officer

Mahesh currently upholds the managerial position in the office. He also administers the overall correspondence of the office. A Master’s degree holder in natural resources management, Mahesh is increasingly focusing on the promotion and development of eco tourism, the very concept that underpins the goal of our operation. He is fluent in English, Nepali, Hindi and French.

Shankar Kapri

Airport Representative

Shankar Kapri comes from Thumi village of Gorkha district. He is a smart and dedicated person who has been working as airport representative. He also helps our clients in managing logistics such as helping with equipments, transportation and communication.

Ramesh Dahal

Europe - Representative

Ramesh exclusively handles trekking / tours in the company. He has been serving this company since its inception. He observes and understands the need of each member of the group while on trail and treats them with great care. His easy and lively temperament has made him the favorite of most of the groups that he has led. His extensive experience in trekking field, good command in English and his visits to countries like Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and India gives him the extra edge in the trekking and tours field.

Pragati Poudel

USA - Representative
Introducing Pragati, our enthusiastic US representative for Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition. With a master's degree in mechanical engineering, Pragati infuses a passion for adventure into our travel experiences. Fluent in English with excellent communication skills, she brings a fresh perspective to exploring new places. Beyond her academic achievements, Pragati's zest for travel, coupled with her knack for public speaking, adds a dynamic touch to the way we connect with you. Discover a world of excitement and seamless travel arrangements with Pragati as your point of contact.

Bishwas Dahal

UK - Representative

Bishwas Dahal is the face of our company as he looks after our Public Relations as well as ticketing. A Bachelor in Travel and Tourism, Bishwas is superbly skilled in communicating with our clients and dealing with their needs. Mr Dahal is also a trained hand in ticketing, especially in all the international ticketing systems including Amadeus, Galileo and Abacus. He is a certified ticketing agent and is highly literate in computer skills. He hails from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Kelle Hansen

Estonia & Baltic Area

Wayne Du Plooy

South Africa

Tel: +27218832444
Cell : +27835605517

Hari Krishna Sapkota

Sr. Trekking Guide

Hari Krishna (Achyuta Nanda) Sapkota born in the country side of Nepal is highly conscious about fragile nature. He is a highly experienced guide who has been working in the field of tourism since last 25 years. He has led many groups to almost all trekking regions like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang-Helambu, Dhaulagiri, Ganesh Himal, Sky line trek etc. As a field trek escort, he always stays focused on the travelers’ satisfaction. He takes both pride and pleasure to offer quality service to our valued clients. His guidance and dedicated services delights one and all. His personalized services and friendliness are the first preference of our any patron. His friendliness and hospitability will definitely make your visit to Nepal a memorable one.

Nima Dorje Sherpa

Trekking and Mountaineering Guide

Nima has been working as trekking guide since the past 15 years. He has also been climbing mountains for the last 10 years. Nima has extensively traveled and trekked in Tibet and Nepal and has already climbed two 8000er, Everest and Lhotse. As a trekker he  climbed almost all the trekking peaks. He has received basic training on ice and rock climbing from Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal Mountaineering Instructors Association. Nima was born in Solukhumbu and is fluent in Sherpa, Tibetan, Chinese, English and Hindi.

Kaji Sherpa

Trekking and Climbing Guide

Kaji Sherpa is a veteran climbing and trekking guide. He has 7 years of experience in climbing and 16 years in trekking. He has climbed many peaks, some of which include Mera Peak, Island Peak, Pachhermo, Tent Peak, Panbari peak as well as Manaslu. In India he has successfully climbed Stokangri, Kanytse, Jojongo and Milire peaks. Kaji has trekked all the trekking routes in Nepal, China and India. He has received Trek Leadership and Rock Climbing training from Nepal Mountaineering Association and knows English, Hindi, Sherpa and Tibetan languages.

Mingma Chhiri Sherpa

Trekking and Climbing Guide

Mingma Chhiri Sherpa has been working as climbing and trekking guide since 2005. He has received training on basic mountaineering and rescue operation from Nepal Mountaineering Association and has attended eco trekking workshop organized by Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal. He received his trekking guide license from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Among the peaks he has successfully climbed includes Makalu, Tukuche, Dhampus, Pachhermo, Island Peak, Lobuche peak, Mera peak and many others. Sherpa is fluent in English, Sherpa, Hindi and Nepali. 

Karmajit Budhamagar

Trekking Guide

Born and brought up in far remote Tibet-like arid region of Dolpo, Karmajit Budhamagar has a passion for nature, adventure and culture since his childhood. He has unrivalled knowledge of people, culture, tradition and landscape of the region where he was born. He is also qualified and experienced in the field of risk management and first aid. His knowledge on the local medicine is outstanding. Most of our clients request Karmajit as their guide in the remote areas trekking including Dolpo, Upper Mustang & Dhaulagiri.

Ratna Prajapati

Trekking Guide

He joined the company as a trekking guide in 2000. Since then he has led the trekkers to Annapurna, Everest and Langtang region. His service has been considered as excellent by most of our trekkers. Personally he is very friendly, helpful and loves to share his deep knowledge about mountain among travelers to make their journey interesting and unforgettable.

Raj Kumar Simkhada

Trekking Guide

Mr. Raj kumar simkhada with his several years experience in the field of trekking he has been providing excellent services to the trekkers as a professional guide. He is familiar with history, culture, tradition and climate of the most of the regions where he has led the group of trekkers. Well trained cook, he ensures your meals are nutritious.
He specializes in regions mainly Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Everest, Langtang, Kanchenjunga and Manaslu. He is very active and sporty guide. His friendliness and interesting talks will definitely prove to be a good amusement on your journey.

Ang Kaji Sherpa

Trekking Guide

Ang Kaji Sherpa was born in Solukhumbu District- the home of Mt. Everest. Involved in trekking field from a very early age, Ang Kaji has climbed his way up to become one of the most experienced trekking guides of Nepal. Over the years, he has guided numerous trekking trips in the Himalayas and also climbed many peaks. His friendly demeanor, tactical ability and deep knowledge about outdoor activities have made him popular among our clients. 

Kamal Adhikari

Trekking Guide

Kamal Adhikari has over 17 years long experience in trekking. Born and brought up in Dhading district, Mr. Adhikari is known for his physical strength and stamina as well as his agility. Fit for all types of adventurous trekking, he also has excellent leadership quality and communication skills. He can swiftly switch his role between a trekking guide and a cook. Among his inspiring feat include visiting Chola Pass, Renjo La pass, Chum Valley, Manaslu, Annapurna Circuit, Langtang, Everest Base Camp etc.

Umesh Chaulagain

Trekking Guide

Umesh Chaulagain comes from Makwanpur, a district located quite close to capital Kathmandu. Mr. Umesh is one of the few well educated guides who recently joined our trekking team. He is one of the most promising young trekking guides with a lot of potential. He is fluent in English and Hindi and is a good photographer too.

Hari Baruwal

Trekking Guide

With an outgoing personality and pleasing manners, you can’t help but notice Hari’s simmering energy. Hari is a certified trekking guide. He has trekking experience almost all the trekking trails in Nepal. Hari hails from Dhading District and thus regards Ganesh Himal Region as his most preferred destinations for trekking adventure.

Surya Prasad Dhakal

Trekking Guide

He has now been working as a guide after having worked as a porter. He has been to many regions which help him now to work efficiently as an assistant guide.

Pancha Bahadur Ghale

Trekking Guide

Hailing from Annapurna region, Pancha's encyclopedic knowledge of Buddhism, local culture and tradition is second to none. He is a dynamic, professional mountain guide possessing over 16 years experience in adventure tourism. He enjoys leading treks that combines mountains, wildlife and a sense of adventure.

Asha Tamang

Trekking Guide
He is one of the experienced trekking guides who hails from Annapurna region of Nepal. He has been working with us for many years. He loves trekking and meeting people from different cultures. He has been to many trekking area with trekkers and is very much familiar with various trekking regions. His service has been considered as excellent by most of our trekkers. Personally he is very friendly, helpful and loves to share his deep knowledge about mountain among travelers to make their journey interesting and unforgettable.

Pradeep Karki

Trekking Guide
The fact that Pradeep Karki was born and brought up in the vicinity of Kanchenjunga Mountains in Eastern Nepal speaks a volume about his expertise and knowledge about Himalayas. Karki has served up relentlessly for more than two decades in trekking sector. Understanding the needs of trekkers comes easy to Karki, who on the whole is a friendly lad, always adventurous and happy. His transition from Cook to Trekking Guide means he can wear different hats at the same time.

Bhimsen Paneru

Trekking Guide

A cheerful young man involved in tourism as a trekking guide for the past 5 years. He is very friendly and helpful and he knows a lot about trekking trails of different trekking regions in Nepal. He has assisted several international trekkers groups to make their treks successful and memorable.

Thakur Paneru

Trekking Guide

There are many professional trekking guides in Nepal and almost all of them offer same experience. To stand out among the crowd is simply a challenge. In this regard, Thakur Paneru is different. What he brings to his trekking guide profession is that we all crave for: the human touch. Paneru is one of a handful of trekking guides who strives to make an adventure more than a challenge. He makes every trip memorable & inspiring and instills a value that is worth a lifetime experience.

Ratna Sapkota

Trekking Guide

Ratna Sapkota is not a new name in trekking industry. Renowned for his tactical ability and wisdom, Sapkota is a firm favorite among any trekking team. He is a frequent trekker and regularly travels between Kathmandu and Kavre, where he was born and where his roots lie.

Tek Niroula

Trekking Guide

With over 2 decades of experience in trekking industry, Tek Niroula is without a doubt one of the most experienced guides in Nepal. He spent his childhood in Eastern Nepal, right along the famous trekking trails of Kanchenjunga and Makalu. Thus he was naturally destined to become a trekking guide himself. We are extremely proud to have him in our team.

Yukta Dhakal

Trekking Guide

Yukta Dhakal is one of our young, friendly and energetic trekking guides. He has explored many trekking routes within Nepal and is fluent in cultural and natural attractions of the Himalayas. Dhakal is a very considerate and kindred soul whose love of adventure is certainly contagious.

Prem Dahal

Trekking Guide

Prem Dahal is one of the most experienced trekking guides, who has been to most trekking trails in Nepal. He has a great knowledge about mountains, history and culture of Nepal. He is a native of Budathum village in Dhading district. Mr. Dahal is a certified trekking guide proficient in English language.

Krishna Dhakal

Trekking Guide

With more than two decades of trekking guide experience under his belt, Krishna Dhakal is certainly one of our natural leaders. He has trekked almost all the trails in the Himalayas, and particularly holds extensive interests and knowledge on Tsum Valley and Ganesh Himal regions.

Ram Chandra Timalsina

Trekking Guide

Ram Chandra is one of our senior trekking guides. He is from northern part of Nepal, Ganesh Himal region in Dhading district and has been to most of the trekking regions in Nepal. Physically strong and active, he is punctual and is passionate about adventure.

Laxman Tamang

Trekking Guide

Born in Helambu, Sindupalchowk area, Laxman Tamang is an experienced, licensed trekking guide. He has gone to all the trekking regions in Nepal. He is an adventurous, physically strong person and has a thorough knowledge about Nepal’s culture, nature and history.

Gopal Kapri

Assistant Guide

Gopal Kapri is undoubtedly one of our oldest team members. He is perhaps the most loved and the friendliest character around our office. A storehouse of knowledge and expertise, Gopal is a living testimony to determination, hard work and success.

Chaite Budha Magar

Assistant Guide

Chaite Budha Magar has been working with us as Assistant Guide for many years. He is a very disciplined and experienced guide who has trekked almost all trekking trails in Nepal. His home is in the remote district. He switches his role both as Assistant Guide and Porter.

Nitesh Milan

Assistant Guide

Nitesh is the licensed trekking guide and is currently working as Assistant trekking guide. He is a young and energetic and has a thirst for knowledge and adventure. He has the capacity to charm people with his friendliness and smiling demeanor. Nitesh hails from Arughat bazaar, the trading center between Dhading and Gorkha districts. His ancestral profession is fishing which is also why he is expert in fishing.

Bharat Amgai

Assistant Guide

Bharat Amgai is a guide cum porter. He is from Manaslu in Gorkha district. An experienced staff, he has visited all the trekking regions in Nepal. He is friendly, caring and very handy when it comes to outdoor activities.

Phurba Sherpa

Trekking Cook

You know Phurba Sherpa, then you can’t help falling in love with his hands! Yes, he is our food connoisseur, our cook. His national and international delicacies and cuisines are a wonderful delight and integral part of our trekking adventures. No trekking trips are complete without his creations. He personally believes in hygienic, organic and wholesome food.

Sunil Budha Magar

Trekking Cook

Sunil Budha Magar hails from Rolpa district. He has a long experience of working as a cook in trekking industry. He is very friendly by nature and gets along quickly with tourists. He has plenty of knowledge about culture and history of Nepal.

Shyam Bhatta

Trekking Cook

Born in Nuwakot district, Shyam Bhatta is one of our experienced cooks. Shyam can prepare different delicious variety of cuisines from Nepali, Continental to Chinese and Indian. He has been with Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition for over two decades.

Shambu Kapri


Inhabitant of Thumi village in Gorkha district, Shambu Kapri brings along years of experience working as porters in trekking sector. He is physically strong and quick to learning new skills. He is good in communication and is adept in taking care of clients while trekking.

Balaram Rimal


Balaram Rimal is instantly recognizable by his ever present smile on his face. Originally from Tripura Sundari, Dhading district, Mr. Rimal is one of our most reliable porters. He has been to many trekking trails in Nepal and is knowledgeable about trekking routes. He is very friendly, helpful and reliable.

Purna Buda Magar


Born in Rukum in western of Nepal, Purna is an experienced porter. He has been to almost all the trekking regions in Nepal. He is an honest, caring person with friendly behavior. He has plenty of knowledge about Nepal’s cultural and natural history.

Karna Pariyar


Karna Pariyar is one of the experienced porters. He comes from Ganesh Himal in Dhading district. A friendly and lively character, he has been to all the trekking regions in Nepal. Apart from his guiding skills, he loves to dance and sing.

Kaji Thapa Magar


Kaji Thapa Magar is a charming and experienced drive. A practical person, Kaji has driven to all the destinations in Nepal. He is capable of driving all vehicles.

Bharat Shrestha

Bharat Shrestha is an outgoing personality. At environmental treks, he drives Hiace jeep and is frequently on the go. Bharat loves outdoors and has visited all the cities in Nepal.

Kishan Dangol


Kishan is a private drive. Active and experienced, Kishan has been with us for quite some time. Dangol is friendly and talkative and loves cooking too.

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