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Tsum Valley Region Trek

Tsum valley is situated in the remote northern part of Gorkha district in the Manaslu region. Spiritually blessed by Padmasambhava as a heavenly refuge, Tsum is nestled between the Baudha Himal and Himal Chuli to the west, Ganesh Himal to the south, and Sringi Himal to the north. Tsum Valley falls under a restricted trekking zone therefore a special pass is required by trekkers before visiting this region. Although it is one of the less travelled areas, yet it remains the the most adventurous trekking routes. 

Tsum which is derived from the Tibetan word Tsombo means vivid. True to its meaning Tsum valley till date has closely guarded its distinct and natural treasures of clear streams, teeming vegetation, towering mountain, cascading waterfalls, unspoiled hot springs and ancient relics still intact. One of the interesting features of this trek is the people and their unique culture and lifestyle that are completely untouched by any form of modernity. Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) is currently overseeing the conservation of local culture and nature in the region. 

Tsum Valley can be done in different durations depending on the routes one chooses, such as Tsum Valley Trek, Tsum Valley With Ganesh Himal Base Camp and Tsum Valley With Manaslu Circuit Treks. Both lodge (sometimes home-stay) and camping are available along this trekking region though lodges are of basic standards. 

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