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Honey hunting in Nepal primarily involves extracting honey from massive bee hives nestled in cliffs, which are located as high as 200m. These honeycombs are made by special kind of wild honey bee only found in the hilly and Himalayan region of Nepal. What is interesting to witness is the acrobatic feat of honey hunters who climb these high and mighty cliffs putting their life at risk to take out the honey from honeycombs. The climbing is done in great coordination among honey hunters who take help of traditionally weaved ropes which are made out of bamboo, such as Niyalo and Choya to balance themselves high in the air. 

In addition to honey hunting experience, tourists can also learn and enjoy Gurung culture and tradition and partake of local delicacies. Other attractions of honey hunting trip include beautiful waterfalls and pristine forests and wildlife. Lamjung district, where most honey hunting activities are concentrated, is often considered as the best destination for honey hunting both in terms of accessibility and duration.

Honey hunting trips can be arranged in different parts of Nepal however it is only carried out at specific season of year based on the reading of local astrological calendar. Honey Hunting in Nepal is a unique tourist activity that is full of fun and adventure. Honey hunting has been practiced in the hilly and Himalayan region of Nepal by ethnic communities such as Gurungs for centuries. Nowadays it has gained popularity as an indigenous tourism product.

Honey hunting usually takes place in the month of October/November and May/June. It is necessary for you to book in advance to participate in honey hunting trips. Honey hunting programs can be arranged for different duration depending on your time availability and interests. Both lodges and home-stay facility are available for accommodation in honey hunting areas.

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