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Nepal is a Himalayan country, wedged between India and China. Its northern boundary is dominated by a continuous stretch of the Himalayas from east to west. The Nepal Himalaya consists of eight of the fourteen highest mountains in the world, including Everest, the world’s highest mountain. On every side, a skyline of fluted snow and ice peaks soar beyond the imagination rise above the trails, the campsites and valleys. It is a land of great diversity- a home of incredible variety of ecosystems, the greatest mountain ranges, dense tropical jungles teeming with a wealth of wildlife, thundering rivers, forested hills and frozen valleys. The country is a potpourri of ethnic groups, customs and traditions. From the humid and tropical southern Terai lowlands to the frozen alpine regions of the Himalayas in the north, we find different colorful cultures & people co-existing in harmony for centuries.

 The country also offers an astonishing diversity of sightseeing attractions and adventure opportunities found nowhere else on earth! A visitor can join in the numerous annual festivals that are celebrated throughout the year in traditional style highlighting enduring customs and beliefs.

Nepal is a land where the arts, culture are as well-preserved as the valleys and forests, temples enriched with wood carving and bronzes, millennium- old statues standing along the way side, songs and dances unchanged for centuries and entire cities preserved in their medieval splendor.

In addition to enjoying numerous activities of choice in Nepal, it is also a significant transit point for traveling to Tibet (China) Bhutan, Darjeeling and Sikkim (India).

The Definitive
Nepal Travel Guide

Access to Nepal:

If you are traveling by road, then you can enter Nepal at check points located along the border with China and Nepal. If you traveling from India, Tauliwha at Bhairawa, Birjung, Kakadvitta etc offer visas. If you are traveling from China via Tibet, Kodari is only point where you can get the visa.

Nepal Tourist Visa Information:

Foreigner who intends to visit Nepal must hold valid passport (with at least 6 months validity from the expected date of arrival in Nepal) or any travel document equivalent to passport issued by their respective government.

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Art representing various natural and cultutal heritages of Nepal