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There are many adventurers who have to let go of their dreams of reaching the summit of Himalayan mountains as they are tied down by certain physical and/or time constraints. To help such enthusiasts realize their dreams Nepal Environmental Treks & Expedition is glad to offer hiking, a soft form of trekking but with equally satisfying and exhilarating adventure journey. 

Hiking is the best alternative for all those whose trips are dictated by factors such as time, physical fitness and age. In a short span of time hiking allows you to delve into the true essence of mountain adventure. Hiking offers you the opportunity to revel in the ethereal beauty of sunrise and sunset, green hills, idyllic hamlets, and forests inhabited by wildlife of myriad varieites. 

Hiking can be enjoyed as an ideal family trip with even elderly and children capable of exploring and cherishing the natural wonders of Nepal. It is also ideal for those coming to Nepal for short visit or for business purpose. 

For those passing through Nepal as a transit point for other destinations such as Tibet, India or Bhutan trip for a day or two, hiking can prove to be the best way to unwind and see more with less time at hand. 

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