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Tsum Valley : The Lost Shangri Las In The Himalayas

Published 15th Nov, 2016

Tsum Valley lies in Gorkha district with its northern part extending to Tibet. It is geographically very remote and is one of the lost Shangri Las in the Himalayas. ‘Tsum’ is a Tibetan word meaning ‘vivid’. The valley was once part of’ Tsum Tso Chuksum’ Kingdom which literally means thirteen provinces ruled as one. The relics of Tsum Kingdom can still be found in and around the valley. 

Tsum Valley is a Buddhist land inhabited by people of Tibetan origin. The Buddhist saint Milarewa is believed to be meditated in the caves of these mountains, The valley has long Buddhist tradition as is visible in ancient monasteries, mani walls, and beautifully decorated chortens. Lungdang, Rachen and Mu Gumba are prominent stupas in the region. he lifestyle, culture and rituals of local people is directly inspired by Buddhist philosophies. 

After years of travel restriction, Tsum was finally opened for trekkers and tourists in 2008. Indeed then, Tsum Valley is a relatively new trekking area. It is visited by very few tourists and is less crowded and waiting to be explored. 

Trekkers wishing to trek in this area must first obtain special permits issued by the tourism department. In addition, trekkers have to organize through a registered trekking company and travel only in groups. Solo trekking is not advised in this region. 

Trekkers to Tsum Valley are rewarded with romantic villages, green hills and majestic Himalayan ranges. Manaslu, Sringi Himal, Ganesh HImal, Boudha Himal and many unnamed peaks are easily visible along this route. 

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