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Jomsom Village, Meeting Point For Annapurna Trekking

Published 25th Oct, 2016

Jomsom Village is a small town in Mustang Region at an elevation of 2743m. It is prominent because of its role as the administrative center of entire Mustang district as well as a popular touristic spot. 

Jomsom is originally called Dzong Sampa in bhote language which means ‘New Fort’. The place was used as a defending spot to protect the settlement from intruders in medieval times. The town rests along the banks of Kali Gandaki river with the backdrop of spectacular Himalayan ranges.  

Jomsom village is the ancestral place of Thakali people, one of the most enterprising and hospitable communities of Nepal. Visiting Jomsom is a treat for tourists who would like to enjoy the hospitality and and culture of Thakali people. They follow the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism and have lifestyle similar to Tibetans. 

Jomsom village has evolved as a meeting point for trekking routes in the Annapurna Region including Annapurna Circuit, Dhaulgairi Circuit, Dolpo, Mustang and Muktinath Treks. Often Jomsom is either a starting point or ending point for any given trek in the Annapurna Circuit. Tourists make it a point to stay in Jomsom for one night as part of their trekking itinerary.

Besides serenity and peace, travelers can take time in Jomsom to catch breathtaking views of majestic Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, view the Kali Gandaki gorge and appreciate the wilderness of surrounding area. Two day’s walk from here will get you to Muktinath, one of the most revered religious sites in the Himalayas. 

Today Jomsom town has a modern airport which links directly with Pokhara airport. Travellers can now also travel to Jomsom by road. 

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