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Dolpo Trek: Experience The Grandeur Of The Far West Of Nepal

Published 9th Jan, 2019

Behind the high passes of the south and shrouded by the mighty Dhaulagiri range lies the highest inhabited region in Nepal: Dolpo

In the unexplored and untouched region of the far-west, Dolpo remains a hidden treasure. With its diverse terrain and rich culture, a trek to Dolpo gives its travelersan opportunity to marvel in the humble majesty of Dolpo. The fascinating geography attracts trekkers towards the off-the-beaten trails. Recently opened for tourism, Dolpo is still an enigma and this factor of the unknown adds certain thrill and intrigue to the Travel Packages In Dolpo. 

Divine of Cultural and Aesthetic Beauty

The isolated land of Dolpo is divided into two regions: Upper and Lower Dolpo. Both these regions remain undisturbed in its serene state of wilderness along with natural and cultural beauty of their own. It is truly an honor and privilege to witness the Dolpalis culture, lifestyle, and their remarkable efforts which have helped maintain the authenticity of the culture despite facing the hardships of the difficult terrain and climate. Sparsely populated and mostly of Tibetan origin, the people in Dolpo are proud individuals with an astounding degree of superiority when it comes to displaying the supremacy of their ancient practices.

However, aside from their pride for their culture, these souls are generous and friendly n nature. Due to the geographical difficulties, the population here lives a nomadiclifestyle. The entire Dolpo region is a rain-shadowed area; thus, receives barely any rainfall, people move from one place to another in search of greenery to sustain livestock. Regardless, travelers are always welcomed with a heart-warming smile and the classiest of the hospitality they can manage to offer.

Dolpo through the lens

Amongst many trails which present the beauty Nepal holds, Dolpo is no less. Running through rugged trails, the lower and upper Dolpo combined possess the beauty from the majestic Himalayas to Tibetan highlands, lush valleys, and magnificent lakes. The trails of Dolpo depict a high influence of the Tibetan Buddhist culture; surrounded by ancient Buddhist monasteries and shrines. This isolated region has also managed to preserve its ecosystem, encompassing some of the most amazing plant and wildlife such as the: Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep, and Snow Leopard. Exploring Dolpo is an adventure which never ascertains of the revelations on the turn of the route but demands the full attention of the traveler to immerse into its mysteries. As such, the Dolpo region has also been featured in an Oscar-nominated film "Caravan" a film that presents the mystical beauty of this region.

Lower Dolpo trek

The Lower Dolpo trek is an exciting journey in the isolated corner amidst the Trans-Himalayas in the Karnali region. Trekking through the high passes of Kagmara La (5,115m), Numa La (5,159m), and Baga La (5,190m), travelers witness breathtaking views of the fantastic landscapes from the enthralling Tibetan highlands. While the backdrop of Himalayas festoons the trails in the Dolpo treks, it is exactly where one can find barren lands and remote locations filled with the captivating wilderness. As the trail passes through Shey Phoksundo National Park, travelers get to meet with an array of flora and fauna of this region. This is also where travelers come across the main point of this area, the tranquil lake of Shey-Phoksundo: a place where trekkers have rewarded a pleasant feeling that overcomes the exhaustion of the strenuous journey and even offers spiritual unveiling to some.

Upper Dolpo trek

In the shadows of the mighty Himalayas, the Upper Dolpo to offers exquisite travel experiences traversing the awe-inspiring landscapes. This region falls in between the Tibetan Plateau and the Dhaulagiri ranges and entails some of the most exquisite places and yet rarely explored. Towards the north, travelers cherish the views of the high peaks and flowing under it, the river basins of Bheri, Suligad Ghat, and Rupagad. The trails pass through beautiful valleys of local settlements, lush greenery of Pine, Rhododendron, and Oak forests and some of the most spectacular landscapes. Upon crossing the Numa La pass (5,190m), travelers come across a mesmerizing experience to witness the Shey-Phoksundo Lake and the Crystal Mountain where hundreds of pilgrims travel every year. Even shrouded in deep mystery are the monasteries further north like Shey Gompa which are divine and date back to ancient times. These destinations are just merely teasers to the grandeur that awaits on the trek.

The far-west remains as the least-accessible area of Nepal which is why trekkers opt for the famous and easily accessible places. However, the Dolpo Trek is a full package that gives one a reason to believe why the far-west of Nepal is worth traveling despite the challenges it poses. While trekking through the off-the-beaten trails, not only does one encounter the natural beauty the land holds, but they also learn about the lifestyle of the Dolpo residents. The Dolpo trek is a distinct way to learn about the various cultures while exploring the pristine untouched beauty of the west.

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