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Popular Treks

The three most visited and highly popular trekking areas in Nepal are Annapurna, Everest and Langtang. These trekking regions are easily accessible and are considered classic trekking routes in the Himalayas offering you the best of Himalayan culture and adventure. Annapurna, Everest and Langtang treks can be arranged both lodge-based and camping, as these famous trails host sufficient and comfortable lodges. Lodges are commonly called ‘teahouses’ in trekking parlance. 
Popular treks can be done in all seasons however Spring (March, April, May) and Autumn (September, October, November) are the best seasons. These treks can range from shorter to longer duration. There are sufficient lodge facilities available and modern amenities like internet along the trekking trails. Everest, Annapurna, Langtang are categorized as the popular treks.