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NMA to reissue peak climbing permits!!

09 Dec,2015
NMA to reissue peak climbing permits!!
On 9 December, 2015, Supreme Court issued ‘stay order’ on the decision taken by the Ministerial Cabinet on 16 October, 2015 to offer authority to Department of Tourism to issue the trekking  peaks permit and collect royalty fees for 27 trekking peaks. 
The stay order from the Supreme Court comes after a writ petition was filed by Nepal Mountaineering Association requesting the Court to review the Ministerial Cabinet’s decision. With the stay order, the Supreme Court has officially and legally reinstated the authority of Nepal Mountaineering Association to issue Peaks Climbing permits for 27 peaks. 
The decision by the Supreme Court has also made the royalties for peak climbing permits and other climbing expenses cheap and more affordable as well as reducing bureaucratic hassles and red tapes. 
This verdict has further made void the authority of Department of Tourism to collect royalty fees. Peak Climbers will now have to apply with Nepal Mountaineering Association for peak climbing permission as before. 
Following decisions have also been made as regards the insurance of climber and climbing guides and porters. 
According to the new rule set by the government, the trekking peak climbing teams will have to ensure following insurance provisions:
  1. NRs. 1.5 million worth of insurance policy for Sirdar and Climbing guide
  2. NRs. 1.5 million worth of insurance policy for high-altitude porter
  3. NRs. 0.8 million insurance policy for Base Camp porter
  4. NRs. 0.5 million insurance policy for local porter
  5. A separate medication and treatment policy to the tune of 0.4 million should be taken out for Sirdar, Climbing Guide and High-altitude porter and 0.3 million worth of medication and treatment policy for other workers
  6. A US$10000 worth of policy to cover for emergency rescue operation
Please note that clauses 1, 2, 3, and 4 are mandatory for climbers while 5 and 6 are to be arranged upon company’s guarantee. This decision has further encouraged tourism entrepreneurs who are organizing trekking peaks expedition for interested climbers and mountaineers. This will motivate the entrepreneurs to feel secure and practice professionalism in tourism and mountaineering business.