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New CEO at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)

17 Dec,2015
New CEO at Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)
The board members of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) have appointed Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi, Senior Officer at NTB, as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on 17 December 2015. The appointment of Mr. Joshi, who competed with 12 shortlisted contenders for the post, has finally ended a 4 years deadlock of CEO selection process at NTB.
Mr. Joshi is the fourth CEO of NTB and is possibly the youngest candidate. 
This is indeed a great news for Nepali tourism industry at a time when the April Earthquake and the unofficial blockade imposed by India resulting in fuel crisis have badly affected the Nepalese tourism industry. Nepal quickly needs to build its image as a leading tourism destination in the world as well as swiftly develop necessary infrastructures that have been damaged by the earthquake.
With the appointment of the new CEO, the tourism will hopefully gain necessary momentum and national and international focus it requires. The CEO must be able to bring together all tourism stakeholders and make a concerted effort for the national and international promotion and development of Nepalese tourism. The role of Nepal Tourism Board in leading the tourism industry by taking into account the voices of all private sector associations regardless of their political affiliation will be instrumental and pivotal in putting Nepal back on the top of the world. 
Mr. Deepak Raj Joshi certainly has all the qualities of a leadership to realize the dreams of making Nepal the most coveted tourism destinations in the world.