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Dashain Celebration

15 Oct,2016
Dashain Celebration
Dashain is by far the biggest and longest Nepali festival celebrated by Hindu community of Nepal. The festival falls in the month of October every year and is observed for full 15 days.  
Hindus believe that Dashain marks the victory of God Ram (good) over Demon Ravana (evil). During Dashain, people flock to temples and other religious shrines to pay homage and worship God Ram, Goddesses Sita, Durga, Kali, Laxmi among others. 
On the eighth day or Astami, animal sacrifices such as goat, duck, hen, and buffaloes are carried out in temples, durbar courtyards and in individual houses as a tribute to Goddess Durga. 
The highlight of the festival is Bijaya Dashami (Tenth day), when young ones in the family receive Tika and blessing from their elders. It is a special occasion which brings together family members who are separated by geography, work or other obligations, in one place to share love, joy and camaraderie. The festive flavor is further embellished by wearing new clothes (especially young ones), eating delicious cuisines, playing cards and visiting friends and relatives. 
As every year, this year too, Dashain festival was observed peacefully and with full vigor. The Dashain festival 2016 began on 1st October ended on 13 October with the promise to celebrate it again next year.