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British government waives all travel restrictions for Nepal

13 Mar,2016
Good news for Britons planning to travel to Nepal!
As part of its updated travel advice to its citizens, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) of the British Government has officially lifted the travel restriction for all areas of Nepal. This is a good news for those Britons who are wishing to travel to Nepal this season. 
The latest travel advisory issued by FCO on 10 March 2016 has advised Britons that they can take up any tourism activities in Nepal. In other words, Nepal is safe for all Britons to travel. 
However, the FCO has advised its citizens to check with their tour [trekking] companies before going to some areas, especially Manaslu and Langtang national parks. The advisory states that “Some trails and trekking infrastructure, including in Manaslu and Langtang national parks, were damaged by the 2015 earthquake.” While some of these have been rebuilt, “aftershocks, landslides and avalanches remain a risk, particularly in these areas.” 
But then, it further states that most visits to Nepal are trouble-free.