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Upper Dolpo: Trek Into The Tranquil Heart Of The Alpine Wilderness

Published 20th Jan, 2019

Shrouded with mysteries and magnificence, the Far-West of Nepal remains to be fully unraveled, possible only with the keenest of souls and hungriest of eyes. Amidst this vast expanse of land is an untouched beauty: Dolpo. Lying between the Tibetan plateau and the mighty Dhaulagiri ranges, the Upper Dolpo is one of the most remote areas where tourism is very challenging yet astoundingly satisfying! This region of mystical beauty was opened to travelers in the late eighties. Since then, Dolpo Trek has led adventure seekers to the heart of its alpine wilderness.

Blissful experience of spectacular landscapes, idiosyncratic culture, and rich bio-diversity 

As the Far-western region of Nepal remains isolated due to its difficult accessibility, tourism infrastructures here are not available at a luxurious amount. Trekkers may have to face hardships due to the poor infrastructures and lack of services, which may require them to depend on their own food supplies and camp under the stars at times. Yet, Trekking In The Upper Dolpo can be a blissful experience as it rewards its challengers with spectacular landscapes, idiosyncraticculture, and a broad bio-diversity. Upper Dolpo’s beauty is heavily credited to the deep valleys, high passes and peaks, the tranquil lake of Shey-Phoksundo, cultural heritage, and the abundance of wildlife that includes some of the most remarkable rare species. 

As such, this magnificence can be experienced with a scenic journey in the Himalayas and the barren land that follows. This hidden heaven that stays shadowed to the rain, possesses innumerable landscapes that are jewels to the eyes of any traveler. But this trek is not just about its natural splendor; the rich biodiversity and the unique culture are aspects that also contribute to the beauty of this region. Upper Dolpo is populated with people from Tibetan origin who still strongly follow their primitive lifestyle and traditions. Trekkers will experience and learn a lot about the Tibetan lifestyle and how they have managed to preserve their culture. Bon Po religion, which outdates Buddhism, is still practiced here with great zeal and immense faith.

Journey to Upper Dolpo 

The journey to the alpine wilderness starts with a scenic flight to Nepalgunj from where you take another flight to Juphal. The cold Himalayan breeze offers greetings of Dolpa as you land at Juphal. From Juphal, the descent starts through fields of wheat and other cropsuntil Dunai. A gradual ascent makes way to the entrance of the Shey Phoksundo National Park, Nepal's largest national park. This is where the trail meets the flaunting Tibetan Flora and Fauna. The trail moves further towards forests of Pine, Fir, Juniper, and Bamboo. This surrounding makes trekkers have a heartfelt connection to nature. As the night falls, travelers seek shelter in nearby villages. 

Tranquil Shey-Phoksundo Lake

One of the favorite parts of any traveler that visits Dolpo is the tranquil Shey-Phoksundo Lake. At an elevation of 3,600 meters, the Shey-Phoksundo is an alpine freshwater lake that remains ever clear and beautiful. Surrounded by views of breathtaking landscapes all around, trekkers will have already entered the alpine beauty of Dolpo.As the journey continues, trekkers come across some of the most fascinating monasteries that date back to a long time in history. These monasteries have deep stories that grasp the attention of anyone passing by.As the trails lead through varying ascents and descents, views of exquisite mountains get better with each step. As trekkers approach Shey Gompa; the spiritual heart of Dolpo, they witness the crystal peak where hundreds of pilgrims come every year to make circuits around it as a spiritual act. 

Challenging experience of the far-western grandeur

The rugged topography of Upper Dolpo is what that gives its challengers an experience of the far-western grandeur. The diverse geography makes the trek run by varying altitudes that goes through ups and downs. Not only will trekkers see amazing landscape but they will also be crossing notably high passes such as the Kang La Pass(5,320m),Sela La Pass(5,094m), and Jeng La Pass(5,220m).The journey, no doubt, will go through absolutely mesmerizing picturesque: landscapes, villages, rivers, and lakes. Not to forget, travelers also come across some of the amazing Himalayan wildlife species of Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep, and rare Snow Leopards. Towards the end of the trek, as the trail walks through the river of Bheri, trekkers realize that the magnificent journey has come to an end. Yet the same camp they stayed at will feel different as their guts fill up with the feeling of triumph as they conquer the barren lands of Dolpo.  

A trip becomes an awakening journey when one revels in the minor treats of a region. As such, Upper Dolpo is nothing short of a wondrous journey that we dream of. Gleaming lakes, frolicking wildlife, humble inhabitants, ravishing culture, and one stupendous journey to take these all in; head to Upper Dolpa and answer the call of your desire for a voyage into something oddly spectacular! 

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