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Visiting Nepal is the best way to heal Nepal

Nepal Environmental Treks | 07 May,2015
The 7.8 magnitude Earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April has left a terrible trail of death, destruction and desperation, unsurpassed in the history of Nepal. The latest statistics show that over 7000 people lost their lives, 15000 sustained injuries, nearly 200,000 houses collapsed and around 700,000 people displaced from their homes. The earthquake has further caused a devastating blow to Nepal’s fledgling economy with tremendous losses in terms of property, assets and infrastructures.
Like other national economic sectors, the tourism sector also suffered heavily. Millions worth of infrastructures including hotels, lodges, bridges, trails have been destroyed and many communities in the Himalayas and hills were swept over by landslides.  Many of our Nepali friends as well as international tourists have sadly lost their lives in the earthquake.
Tourism is one of the mainstays of Nepal’s economy and its immediate and quick recovery is vital to sustain and economically empower Nepali people in rebuilding Nepal.
Our international friends have shown their kind solidarity and sympathy with Nepali people by directly contributing to search and rescue operation, humanitarian assistance and direct contributions.
One of the unique ways to help Nepali people and Nepal in this difficult time seems to be by visiting Nepal.
Because whatever you spend on your visit will directly benefit Nepali people who are living in remote villages and who have suffered the most. Please remember that only 14 out of 75 districts have been affected by the earthquake. There are many areas in Nepal quite safe for tours, trekking, climbing and other tourism activities.
Therefore I request my international friends that if you so wish to contribute to the well being of Nepal and Nepali people from the bottom of your heart, visit Nepal. Better still tell your friends and families and colleagues to visit Nepal. Visiting Nepal is the best way to heal Nepal.