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Study Says Nepal is Safe for Trekking !!

Nepal Environmental Treks | 11 Aug,2015
The impact of April 25 earthquake on tourism followed by the monsoon season nearly brought Nepalese tourism to a standstill. However, with the Autumn season just around the corner and the tourism safety report recently published by earthquake assessment firm Miyamoto international, there is a clear hope of tourism re-bouncing.
Based on the assessment report about the impact of Earthquake on trekking trails, a team of specialist geotechnical and structural engineers from Miyamoto International has stated that both Everest and Annapurna regions, two of the most popular trekking areas in Nepal, are safe for trekking.
The assessments were carried out in the month of July and August in joint coordination with the government and private sector. The report says that Annapurna sustained “very little damage to the area in north-central Nepal, with the 3% of buildings damaged in the quake all ‘easily repairable’.”
Similarly recommendations in the report include rerouting a section of the Everest trail, as well as relocating buildings in the villages of Tok Tok and Benkar to the opposite side of the river in order to reduce risks in the region to tourists and to locals.
Tourism entrepreneurs are optimistic to hear the results of the report conducted by Miyamoto International and extend its thanks for encouraging Nepalese tourism industry to follow on the recovery path. Following the report, the Government of Nepal has officially declared Everest and Annapurna along with Tamang Heritage Trail in Langtang region open for trekking from the upcoming Autumn season.
Airports, hotels, highways, communication are now functioning smoothly all across the country.  From Autumn season, Nepal is sure to see a spurt of growth in tourist arrival.
The revival of tourism industry in the post-earthquake scenario is of utmost significance for Nepalese economy as it creates jobs, directly supports rural livelihoods and brings in much-needed government revenue.
The Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation along with Nepal Tourism Board must work closely with the private sector to put in joint effort to revitalize and promote Nepal as a safe and popular destination.