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Simikot Valley

Nepal Environmental Treks | 06 Nov,2016
Simikot Valley
Simikot Valley is the northwestern most town of Nepal lying in the remotest corner of Karnali zone. Situated at an altitude of 2910m (9547 feet), it serves as the district headquarters of Humla district. 
Due to its remoteness, the people of Simikot do not have access to modern means of living. The main source of livelihoods among locals is agriculture and husbandry. While Simikot valley is inhabited by Thakuri communities, further up the valley is home to Bhotias or Tibetan cousins who follow culture and lifestyle similar to Tibetans. 
The only way to reach Simikot valley is either by walking or flying. The distance from Jumla, the nearest road terminus, to Simikot is 86km. It will take approximately 20 days to reach Simikot from Jumla on foot.   
Thanks to a small STOL airport built in Simikot at a height of 2818m. Regular flights now operate between Nepalgunj and Simikot. 
Simikot is an important transit point for tourists and trekkers going to Tibet (China). Hilsa, the border along Tibet and Nepal, is just 50 km away from Simikot. Pilgrims and Trekkers fly into Simikot from Nepalgunj and proceed to the international border at Hilsa on foot or by helicopter.
You can go on short treks to nearby places like Limi Valley, Simikot Lagna, Kermi from Simikot. Special trekking permits are required for trekkers to trek from Simikot to Hilsa.