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Study Says Nepal is Safe for Trekking !!

Nepal Environmental Treks | August 11 2015
The assessments were carried out in the month of July and August in joint coordination with the government and private sector. read more

International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction held successfully

Nepal Environmental Treks | July 08 2015
Over 55 delegations from 35 countries including Ministers and high level officials from India, China, Japan, Bhutan, USA etc., and development partners such as United Nations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and European Union participated in the conference. read more

Nepal remains upbeat about tourism business!!

Nepal Environmental Treks | May 07 2015
According to the latest data, the number of human casualty of the earthquake was 7675 with 14,477 injured. Nearly 200,000 houses were destroyed leading to the displacement of 732,409. read more

Visiting Nepal is the best way to heal Nepal

Nepal Environmental Treks | May 07 2015
Tourism is one of the mainstays of Nepal’s economy and its immediate and quick recovery is vital to sustain and economically empower Nepali people in rebuilding Nepal. read more

Snowfall in Himalayan districts

Nepal Environmental Treks | February 20 2015
A small scale avalanche was reported in Bagarkuna of the district with five Chinese tourists fleeing safely from the site. The Chinese trekkers were heading to Annapurna Base Camp. read more

New route for climbing Everest

Nepal Environmental Treks | February 20 2015
The Nepalese government has decided to open a new climbing route for Everest from this season. The decision has been taken to avoid disasters such as last year’s avalanche in Everest that killed 16 Sherpa climbing guides. read more