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International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction held successfully

Nepal Environmental Treks | 08 Jul,2015
The Government of Nepal successfully hosted the one-day “International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction 2015 ((ICNR 2015)- Towards a Resilient Nepal” on 25 June, to address Nepal’s unprecedented reconstruction challenges following the devastating Earthquake of 25 April. Held at Hotel Soaltee Crown Plaza in Kathmandu, the conference sought technical and financial support from international partners to rebuild and reconstruct Nepal.
Over 55 delegations from 35 countries including  Ministers and high level officials from India, China, Japan, Bhutan, USA etc., and development partners such as United Nations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank and European Union participated in the conference.
Development partners and donor community have pledged US $4.4 billion in financial aid during the conference to be invested in agriculture, education, tourism, infrastructure rebuilding such as roads, schools, hospitals, houses etc., and restoration of heritage sites among others.
The conference disseminated the findings of the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) and shared international best practices and experiences on institutional arrangements for effective, transparent and accountable execution of reconstruction programs.
It is very sad to note that besides killing nearly 9000 people and injuring 22,000 people, over half a million houses have been fully or partially damaged and three million people were left homeless by the massive Earthquake. Several world heritage monuments in Kathmandu Valley that carried immense historical, cultural and archeological significance have also been badly damaged.
With the generous and humanitarian assistance from our international friends and donor communities, I am confident that Nepal will muster the courage and strength it needs to recreate and rebuild a New Nepal- Nepal that is better and brighter than before. I sincerely hope the Nepal government and political  leaders will honestly strive to utilize this opportunity to once again rise from the ashes of the earthquake.
I am also happy to note that the Conference has further helped convey a positive message to the international community at large that Nepal is safe for all tourism activities ahead.