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Balthali Village

Environmental Treks | 08 Jun,2016
Balthali Village
Balthali is a typical Nepali village complete with rolling green hills, forests, teeming wildlife and a majestic Himalayan backdrop. Travellers often go to Balthali for quick relaxation and peaceful retreat to wilderness. 
The village of Balthali is located at just 40 km or 1 hour drive from Kathmandu. It lies south of the ancient town of Panauti in Kavre district. 
Much of the hills surrounding the main village is densely forested. Rhododendrons and Magnolia are a common types of flora found in and around Balthali. Sal trees predominate the large part of vegetation giving a heavenly space for varieties of colourful birds. 
The village is a rich settlements of Tamang ethnic tribes and their Buddhist tradition. The village is at an altitude of 1,730m affording a sweeping views of the terraced farms, slate and hay thatched houses, green hills and Himalayas on the horizon. One could also see Mahabharat range from here. Tourist will also enjoy visit to nearby temples such as Namo Buddha which is just an hour’s hike from Balthali. 
Travellers often stay in Balthali overnight. There is only a couple of resorts in the area catering to all types of travellers. Ingredients used in local cuisines are organically grown.