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5 Climbers who lost lives on Everest this season

Nepal Environmental Treks | 02 Jun,2016
5 Climbers who lost lives on Everest this season
This spring season around 283 climbers were given permits by Nepal government to climb Everest. After two years of rest in Everest climbing, British climber Kenton Cool, Robert Lucas, Sherpas Dorchi Gyalzen and Pemba Bhote, became the first four members to scale Mt Everest. Similarly Mexican climber David Liano Gonzalez, along with his guide Pasang Rita Sherpa, also made it to the top of Mt Everest this season.
And as usual, the number of casualties reached five this season. Below is a list of five people who died while climbing Everest. 
1. Paresh Chandra Nath
Paresh Chandra Nath was an Indian climber who died climbing Everest this season. His body was spotted on 27 May, at “The Balcony”, located at 27,600 feet. Mr. Paresh hailed from West Bengal India and went missing with his friend Goutam Ghosh in the ‘Death Zone’ area. Death Zone is area above 28000 ft. Paresh Chandra Nath was from a poor background and physically challenged according to his facebook community account. 
2. Goutam Ghosh
Another Indian climber Goutam Ghosh has also been missing on Everest and his body is yet to be found. Goutam came from West Bengal, India and went missing with his friend Paresh in the ‘Death Zone’ area. Like Paresh, his dead body was spotted at The Balcony at 27,600 feet, a mid-way stop between the South Col and the summit. 
3. Subash Paul
Mr. Subash Paul was yet another Indian climber who died on Everest this season. Paul died at Base Camp II, located at an elevation of about 24,600 feet apparently from high altitude sickness (HAS). He was 43. Subash was found unable to speak or move after arriving near Camp III.
4. Eric Arnold
Eric Arnold was 36 years old and from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He was reported to have died on Friday night of 27 May near South Col. Arnold was returning to the base camp after a successful summit on Everest. He was suspected of dying from a heart attack. Arnold had already climbed Everest 4 times on previous 
Source: twitter @EricArnold8850
5. Dr Maria Strydom
An Australian woman, Dr Maria Strydom was a finance professor at Monash Business School in Monash University in Australia. She suffered from high altitude sickness soon after she reached Camp IV the final camp before the push summit. Camp IV is often referred to the death zone. Attempts to rescue her failed and she succumbed to the sickness. She was 34. 
Dr. Maria had already climbed Denali in Alaska, Aconcagua in Argentina, Mount Ararat in Turkey and Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.