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Tourism in Nepal

Tourism in Nepal

Tourism started in Nepal back in the 1950s and has today become one of the leading industries of Nepal. Over the years Nepal has become one of the top destination in the world for tourists from all over the world. 
Often regarded as adventure playground of the world, Nepal has enough attractions from cultural and natural tours to adventures to keep the tourists and visitors entertained. Simply put there are numerous activities tourists can take up in Nepal from trekking, mountaineering to rafting, bungee jumping, jungle safari, village tours, cultural tours and religious visits. 
About 50% of tourists come to Nepal for recreational purposes and almost 20% come for adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering expeditions, bungee jumping, bicycling, canyoning, canoeing, rafting just to name a few. Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang, Kanchenjunga are some of the well know routes in Nepal. Similarly Bhotekoshi, Trisuli, Karnali, Tamur are some best white water rafting rivers. 
Nepal’s landscape is full of cultural, natural and topographical diversity. 25% of the Himalayan ranges is concentrated in Nepal. Mt. Everest (8,850 m), the highest mountain in the world, is in Nepal. The Himalayan region is covered with snow and glaciers while Terai or flat plains in the south  is home to hot tropical forests that harbors rare wild animals like Tigers, elephants and rhinos. 
Nepal possesses eight of the world’s top ten highest mountains, world’s deepest gorge (Dana-6967m), world’s highest waterfall (Suligad-3613m) and highest lake (Tilicho-4919m). Nepal is rich in bio-diversity and two areas in the Himalayan region of Nepal have been recognized as biological hotspots. Nepal has more than 863 species of birds, over 635 species of butterflies, around 151 species of of world’s total mammals, Not to mention that Nepal is second only to Brazil in terms of water resources. Nepal is a country of colorful culture, finest architectures and rich history. There are as many as 126 ethnic groups in Nepal who speak over 123 different ethnic languages. Each ethnic group has their own distinctive culture, festivals and lifestyle. 
It is no wonder then that the villages, valleys, hills and streets in Nepal come alive every day with age-old rituals, festivals, singing and dancing. The diversity of culture and history is to be found everywhere across Nepal. This makes up for an interesting collage of culture and history for any travelers.
Being a country that is full of natural resources and beauty, travelling around Nepal or the activities tourist can do while in Nepal can be quite exhilarating as there are so many things and activities to involve in this Himalayan nation.
Natural exploration is another important facet of tourism in Nepal. Tourists can visit various national parks and go for jungle safari, canoeing and jungle walks to see wildlife in their natural habitat.